1 year later and still not option to add Cardano or Algorand

Why is there no ability to even add an address for Algorand? Cardano is still a PITA to try and work with.

I also submitted a request last year that got tons of upvotes on creating a better pricing structure. There’s still nothing to be seen on this. What should I stay with CT at this point? Seriously…

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Cardano is workable for me on CT, but I really wish they supported the Cardano Wallet ID.

Like you, I too would like to be able to add an ALGO address. With Tinyman, Yieldly and the Algorand Governors program, more people are going to be interested in moving their Algo off exchange. These people will need the ability to add Algo addresses.

In theory, Algo support should be easy as they use the account model like Ethereum and not UTXO like ADA and BTC.

Algorand Wallet using Ledger - doesn’t add to Cointracker. I’ve tried a few times. It does see the ADAlite web-based wallet using Ledger Hardware Wallet. I haven’t tried the Daedalus Wallet in Cointracker.