2 Accounts Regular & IRA - How to Keep Trades/Reports Separate

I have 2 accounts I trade from on various exchanges. Each has a separate log in email. One is a normal trading account, the other is an IRA where trades and funds must me kept separate.

How do I set things up so no trades are mixed using CoinTracker and I can have 2 separate reports?

Hi @JohnT,

Are the set of exchanges totally separate on the two CoinTracker accounts? If so, this will work correctly right off the bat. Or are you syncing some common wallets / exchanges across both CoinTracker accounts?

I just started using CoinTracker and still learning.

I registered with CoinTracker and then authorized the regular CoinBase account to bring in activity. Now, I want to deal with the IRA account as a separate thing. It is on CoinBasePro and has a different log in email and password. Am I going to register another CoinTracker account? Or do I deal with it within the already created CoinTracker account? I have other exchanges to bring in as well for the non-IRA and IRA CoinTracker account(s). The only wallets I have at the moment are the wallets on the exchanges. Are there videos that cover this?


Hi @JohnT,

Are you primarily using CoinTracker for portfolio tracking or taxes?

  • If taxes: then you’ll want a separate CoinTracker account for your non-taxable (e.g. IRA) accounts
  • If portfolio tracking: then you can add all your wallets and exchanges to one account

You can add your other wallets / exchanges from this page.