2020 Tax Reports Changed

All of my tax reports and gains for 2020 have changed significantly in the past week. No changes were made, transactions edited, or new wallets added but yet I went from a significant gain to a significant loss for 2020. How is this still changing?


My 2020 report was at a million dollar loss when I posted this it is now over $3M. I am not changing anything yet prior year reports are swinging wildly every day and my current year gains are swinging wildly too despite no activity. What is going on?

This is not good when a prior year tax period is changing. This can cause the user to re-file their taxes and potential tax penalties and interest. Is there any updates on this.

My loss for 2020 has now dropped to $2.2M. Continues to change.

They might have made a code change that affected prior and current years cost basis. If these are good numbers, then the tax filings might need to be refiled with changes. I still have not see any updates or commenst from CoinTracker ?

yes but the concerning this is for 2020 i purchased tax reports through cointacker, koinly, tokentax as well as a few others. the prior numbers were all within 10% of each other across all platforms so i was comfortable with the results. Now cointracker has changed and is significantly off from all other platforms which indicates there is an issue with this platform and recent changes. The 2020 reports changed again over night despite me changing no settings and making no trades.

Looks like no response from them for 11 days. Suggest you download a csv file of all your transactions. Save it and then when it changes again download another copy and compare where the changes happen. Don’t believe your the only one that is happening to.

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Can someone from CoinTracker please advise?

Hey ya’ll! As the banner says at the top of the page, our forum is not a good place to seek support currently. We’re prioritizing our email channels where we can do things like dive into your account (with your permission) and have access to logging tools!

Please reach out about issues there.

Generally speaking, when a tax report changes it is because previously unsupported transactions have become supported. Another common reason is an exchange suddenly starts sending transactions they previously were, or stops sending transactions. Both of these more common issues require more research.

We can’t dive into this issue without digging into your account, so please follow up over email!

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Hi - I have had another significant change in my 2020 numbers and also a significant change in 2021 numbers. I made no transactions yet my historical information keeping swinging by large amounts. I’ve submitted tickets but received no contact from support.

I just cancelled my account. This is a joke that i have million dollar swings in prior year tax history daily without adding any new accounts or changing anything and i cannot get a response from anyone. This platform is useless and a complete waste of money.

Just happen to me on a small scale after I downloaded to Turbotax. Also does not match dashboard