2021 tax reports not available

When will 2021 tax reports be able to generate? I paid for premiere tax subscription for 2021 tax season… mainly to produce reports after I connected wallets to your service and reports are unavailable for 2021 tax season and it’s January 1,2022. When will they become available?

Same here. When will they be available?

Not sure. I’ve emailed customer support, have yet to hear back.

I will do the same. I will post here if I get a reply.

Awesome. I will do the same.

Agree…the whole reason I purchased this plan was to make my CPA happy at the end of the year. The Tax Center Tax Reports section still states “Coming later in 2021”. At least fix this as to not insult us for spending money for this defunct service.
Does anyone else have an alternative crypto tracker they recommend for tax purposes other than CoinTracker?

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking in on this. Crypto tax compliance rules have changed a bit over the last few months so we wanted to make sure our forms were in tip-top shape before releasing them. That being said, they’re available now!

Feel free to generate and review your 2021 tax forms in your 2021 Tax Center page:


Yes, I can confirm the forms are available for me now. Thank You!