8949 incorrect entries

I had Cointracker generate an 8949 but most of the transactions seem to have been incorrectly categorized as long-term capital gains.

I have a couple of wallets in my Blockchain account (ETH and BTC) in which those holdings had been transferred from other exchanges in previous years. In December of 2020, I moved some of those two cryptos in Blockchain into interest earning accounts in Blockchain. The 8949 (created by Cointracker) is showing those transactions as sales. That seems to me to be incorrect. Why have they been entered as sales?

Is the receiving wallet also added to cointracker and have those moves accounted for is incoming?

Worst case you can tell it to ignore those transfers and manually add in your rewards

Yes. All wallets were added to Cointracker.

My Rewards were imported but they were not input into the 8929 which is what I do not understand.

Rewards prob won’t until you sell or trade them