8949 Totals Not Correct

Hello - your generated 8949 does not have the correct numbers. Can you help?

I have a very simple 8949 that only needs to pull the data from coinbase and coinbase pro
The 8949 is generated incorrectly because Cointracker incorrectly calculates the proceeds
In the form generate shows sales + fees where it suppose to calculate sales - fees since at the time you sale something you get proceeds in USD minus the fees you owe
I have opened a ticket at the end of January and have not heard anything back from the support

My 2021 gains just changed with no new transactions changes, this is after I downloaded to Turbotax. Also the reports do not match the dashboard any more. How long do we have to wait for changes to stop so we can file taxes

Exact same thing happens to me. The dashboard shows I have a loss but when I link to TurboTax it shows a huge gain?!! 24 hours later it’s back to showing a loss. Link to turbo tax again and it reverts to the gain! Planned my taxes using the dashboard, need answers.

same. i finally finished all my reviewed transactions, and now i have different totals on the tax center and the forms. dont know what to trust anymore

EDIT - update: from what I can tell so far, it does seem like the gain/loss on the downloaded tax forms is the correct amount. Still it’s very confusing to have drastically different numbers in the CT Tax Center. Another bug to be fixed.

It’s sad that Cointracker is not tracking 8949 form correctly, not answering my ticket I opened with them over 3 weeks ago and they are sending email saying Tax season is here: it’s time to file
How can I file with your generated 8949 that is calculating my loss/gain incorrectly?
Time to find an alternative way of doing this :frowning: