Account for Node Purchases and Node Rewards

I’m invested in to node-like projects, StrongBlock ($STRONG) and RingFinancial ($RING). Both of these projects allow for the purchase of a node using 10 of their respective token. Once a node is purchased, the node pays out rewards in its native token one or more times a day.

How do I account for the purchase of the node in CoinTracker? By default, it appears as a SEND transaction.

Also, how should I account for the rewards when they are claimed to my wallet? I’m thinking they should be marked as a STAKING REWARD, but want to confirm.

Node purchases and any kind of reward that I get in return for temporarily loosing control of an asset seems to go under Staking. Cointracker makes the cost basis zero. The bright side is when I sell the staking reward of the new coin, the gain is clear. The bad news is when my original coin is in the stake contract, Cointracker sees it as a “SEND”, when I unstake the contract, Cointracker says it’s a “RECEIVE”. Normally this is fixed by strictly assigning a wallet where transfers are coming to and from and labelling “TRANSFER”, but that’s impossible with a stake contract. Anyway, it seems you’re right to label the new coins as staking reward, but moving the original asset back into a functioning wallet from a staking contract is still a big pain.