Accurate Tax Basis and Loss/Gain on Sale for custom tokens

When i create a custom token because you don’t list it or because its a liquidity pool contract, I manually input the basis. But when I transfer that token to another account the basis doesn’t transfer and there is no place to re-enter it. You can only edit the transfer. Then if you redeem the LP for tokens or sell the custom token because it forgets the basis you entered when you created it, it shows no gain or loss. just assumes a zero basis. How can I enter basis and have it follow the custom token as it is transferred, staked, and sold in different places?

Wildly inaccurate tax profile

Hey @Brother_Bear

At the moment it’s not possible to carry across the cost basis for a custom created token if you transfer it across to another wallet. We have an open Canny ticket for this issue. If you upvote the issue on Canny then you’ll be notified when we make progress on resolving this.

Improving support for DeFi and LP contracts is something we’re working on. So hopefully in the not too distant future creating custom tokens to represent LP positions won’t be needed.