I have one main ADA wallet but use different ‘receiving addresses’ when receiving. It is my understanding each receiving transaction (to the main wallet) requires CoinTracker to view it as a separate wallet. Because of this I’ve gone over my wallet limit. Is it possible to consolidate and/or treat all my transaction as one wallet? Thank you very much, look forward to guidance.

Sorry about this — we plan on removing the wallet cap soon. We’ll send you a note as soon as this is ready to go.

Can you consider adding support for Cardano’s staking keys? I don’t know the exact technical details, but if you use a Cardano wallet for staking, all generated addresses are tied to that staking key. This has the effect of grouping all of the wallet’s addresses and transactions for the sake of determining the total delegated stake (i.e. balance).

In short, the staking key can be used in the same way as an xPub key. This would make it so much easier than having to constantly add newly generated addresses.

Note: There may be an even better/more appropriate solution to this problem such as direct integration with Daedalus/Yoroi.

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Hi @ShimShamSam,

Thanks for the request. We’ve reached out to Daedalus and Yoroi but unfortunately, they don’t have a willingness to integrate with CoinTracker at this time without more users demanding that they do.

We will still look into there is something we can do to automate Cardano staking tracking. In the meantime, a short term solution is to mark staked and un-staked transactions as transfers and staking rewards as staking reward.

Thanks for the response. The staking key can be used to track all transactions in the wallet, not just the staking rewards. For instance, if I view one of my addresses in Cardano Explorer, it will also show me my entire wallet’s balance (not just staking rewards) so long as the address is one that was generated using the staking key. If Daedalus and Yoroi aren’t willing to integrate, I think the staking key can be used to manually aggregate the data.

I’ll be sure to post on Yoroi’s forum in support of an official integration, though.

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Awesome, thanks for sharing. Do you mind sending us your staking key privately so we can take a look?

@ShimShamSam How do I find my staking key in Daedalus?

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@prettylights808 from you can look up one of your receive addresses and it will show the associated stake key if you are staking.

@Chandan do you have any update on this? I tried to add my staking key but it does not get recognized yet in cointracker.

oh so even once I do find my staking key, I couldn’t use that as my wallet address in cointracker?

Apparently not yet, would be good to have some feedback on this though

We’re tracking a request for Cardano staking and we’ll let you know once we have made progress here.