ADA Incorrect Balance in Exodus Wallet

Hey Y’all,

It seems Exodus ADA Wallet and Cointracker are not working together seamlessly these days. I logged on and saw a few other posts from others having their own issues.

I never had an issue until recently. I’ve emailed support multiple times but haven’t heard back, they must be swamped I imagine. So here we are in the community! Hopefully we can get all the numbers to add up! :slight_smile:

My current issue is my balance total is way different from what I actually hold in the wallet. When I look at all my transactions for that wallet simple math shows that all the transactions are correct and add up to what is actually in the wallet but not so when it comes to the balance total.

I noticed my issue first occurred around the time I first staked ADA through Exodus. All of a sudden my balance total was double the amount of what it actually was. Then I claimed a staking reward and all of a sudden my balance is now double that doubled amount, so actually is 4x the actual amount.

I’ve removed the wallet via public address multiple times and re-added it but the issue persists.

I just now implemented a temporary solution until they fix this issue. My solution was compiling all my transactions and manually entering it the into the cointracker sample csv which then I imported as a new wallet and removed the public address wallet.

It’s a great fix and all so I can grab my tax form but it’s not perfect. If I do anything with this wallet, I’ll have to add everything manually. That will get tedious and forgotten quick.

Any ideas how to get this to sync and display the correct balances? Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

What you did is exactly right. Unfortunately, until [IOHK adds Cardano HD wallet support], (Cardano (ADA) HD wallets | Integrations | CoinTracker) you either need to add the transactions manually, via CSV, or by adding every single Cardano address you have ever used.