ADA transfer with multiple sending wallets duplicating funds

Hi there,

I have an ADA transfer from multiple wallets to a single wallet. I had to do some manual work to get it to understand it is a transfer and not a send transaction, and now it is in a funky state that I’m hoping someone can help with. Here’s the details so far:

  • I have all sending wallets as well as the receiving wallet added and synced on cointracker
  • When it auto imported it the transactions, it refused to mark it as a transfer, so I had to manually adjust each sending wallet to have receiving info before it would mark as a transfer.
  • Now the receiving wallet appears to have double the value that it should, and this shows up in the tax center wallet summary (not the portfolio dashboard though).
  • I made a subsequent transfer of the total balance to another wallet shortly after but the tax summary page shows both wallets containing the sum.
  • There is also an additional transfer showing up now that is one of the sending wallets’ part of the transfer, and when I edit or ignore it, it affects the main transfer!

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to finesse this thing any way I could (even sending a few emails to support along the way!), so I’m hoping someone is able to provide some guidance.

I can provide screenshots, etc. as necessary, and my account should already be enabled for debug.


Hi @fwb,

Could you please send the screenshots to us directly so that we can take a look?

Thanks @Chandan, I have just sent off an email with two screenshots that should help. Please let me know!


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