Adding Coinbase Wallet

I have followed the HD Wallet address instructions for adding my Coinbase Wallet but am receiving the message, “The address can’t be added because it has zero transactions.” The wallet does contain Bitcoin and I generated the xpub address by entering my seed phrase in the mnemonic phrase link provided.

Are there additional steps I should be taking?

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I also have converted the xpub address to both types of zpub addresses via the tool referenced Bitcoin Extended Public Key Converter ( in your instructions and attempted to enter both the zpub (Mainnet P2WPKH) and the Zpub (P2WSH) options.

The Zpub option gives me the message “Failed to add wallet. Please check the values below.” The zpub option gives me the message “The address can’t be added because it has zero transactions.”

I’ve reconfirmed and reattempted both options and continue to receive the same messages.

Has the process changed to add a Coinbase Wallet or am I doing something wrong?

Could you please send us a link to a blockexplorer showing the transactions on the address?

[redacted for privacy]

This is one of the transactions. If I get this one to show, won’t the others also?

To protect your privacy on the public forum, could you please contact us with the address directly and a screenshot of the error you see when you try adding it to CoinTracker?

I’m having the same issue, can I send details too?

Same problem here. Coinbase and Coinbase Pro connected fine buy API but Coinbase Wallet does not. Same Error message … “The address can’t be added because it has zero transactions.”

I’ve reached out directly at the address they provided but have you to hear back. If I can get an answer I’ll post back here to try and help others.

I have the same problem. How did you resolve it?

When you’ve downloaded Electrum go ahead and open it. You can give your wallet any name you like

Hit next and choose ‘Standard wallet’, then hit next again.

Choose ‘I already have a seed’ and hit next

Paste your seed and select BIP39 as seed type and hit next

Set a password if you like (though this is not necessary since there are no funds in your wallet), hit next to finish creating the wallet.

Now you should see your transaction history in Electrum.

You should see transaction history. If you don’t see any history, you may have entered the wrong seed above.

Now, from the Wallet menu, choose Information.

You can copy the Master Public Key and use that to add a HD Wallet Address in CoinTracker

After that syncs you should see all the transactions in CoinTracker!