After months of waiting, I would like a refund

How can I receive a refund? I purchased this product in advance to prep for my taxes and I’ve literally been waiting MONTHS for them to fix the bugs in the system. I can no longer wait and I need to file my taxes and yes CoinTracker is STILL not working.


Have you had any response from them? I’ve requested a refund about 10 times and they don’t even respond. One of their blog posts said to request a refund if we couldn’t wait for them to hire more staff and clear the back log but they just ignore you.

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Patrick contacted me (via email) and asked for my email (strange) so he could refund me. That was almost a month ago. He has never responded to any more emails or outstanding tickets.

I got a refund right away they responded within 2 days. I created a ticket from the website through the contact support and did billing. The billing support is way faster at responding it seems then the technical support. I assume they have a separate group of people supporting each one.

Now the technical support is another story. Sent in like 5 tickets and have several 4 months old and one is almost 6 months old. Could never get a response.

What site did you end up using for taxes? Seems all of them have issues and it’s so frustrating. One feature will work on one site but not on another, etc…

Taxbit, they seem to have all the bugs that cointracker is struggling with worked out. The only annoyance was not every exchange CSV just imports you have to reformat it a little so the software can read it. I mostly just use APIs where I can. Was only a minor issue. Support responds right away and they have live chat on the site as well. Actually was able to get it done. Where with cointracker you feel stuck in limbo.

Thanks, I looked at Taxbit and there was something it wasn’t doing right… I’m now trying to use Cointelli and the interface is pretty bad, but it has lots of categorizes for transactions like ‘gambling’ which I was never sure how to classify. I have 17k transactions I’m trying to tag and build reports… Obviously running out of time.

I had tried and had an issue with it needing every transfer for some reason. My transfer history is incomplete it goes to private wallets and nothing links up and the software does not work. Even though all I want it to do is take all the buys and sells from every exchange and just treat it as one exchange with one ledger. It tries do do separate ledgers for each exchange and I can’t get the transfers to link up as there was a loss of custody somewhere in the blockchain breaking the link.

Went back to TaxBit to look into it again… Doesn’t support Polygon and I have ton of transactions from Zed Run (the horse racing game on Poly).

Yikes that’s a tough one. That sounds more complicated DEFI transactions. I think they only recently got yield farming tracking right. And it is super complicated as you have to wrap the coin into a token that represents the coin. And it isn’t clear if selling a coin for a token that is pegged or has the same value as the coin is taxable or not. I been reluctant to try any of the new applications that came out for the reason of them being a pain in the ass to do taxes. NFTs are a pain too. I don’t think there is anything automated out there that can do taxes on NFTs. You have to manually input transactions and set cost basis. And track each sale manually. It’s a major pain in the ass.

Really? I was thinking they needed to be classified as gambling income for any race wins and any race losses as gambling losses.

You need a tax lawyer for advice. Seems reasonable for it to be classified as gambling income. But it’s complicated if it crypto. I mean it would be easier if it was just an online casino that takes crypto as deposit. But the fact that it’s a DApp makes me unsure how it would be taxed.

I moved to They seem to have covered most basis. Their support is fantastic. You get a response within a day.

Did any one here managed to get a refund? Every wallet I added gave me off numbers , according to cointracker I have 68millions In capital gain, I wish it would be true lol because if I made 4k as much.