Airdrop Cost Basis Keeps Changing

The cost basis for recent UNI airdrop keeps changing everyday. Shouldn’t it be fixed at the value of the UNI at the time of receiving the airdrop in my wallet?

Yeah I had same issue. For the time beeing I just set it manually. But definitelly should be resolved.

Also just noticed the transaction didn’t pull in the fee data automatically either.

Thanks for flagging. The reason that the UNI airdrop price is swinging a bit right now is because of the volatility of the price around the drop time and because the data providers we use are averaging the price across multiple liquidity providers. As more get listed, the price converge to a more realistic average (so it should stabilize). As @troSKA mentioned you can also override this and set your own custom cost basis if you’d like.

Re: fees — could you please send us a screenshot of the transaction to feedback [at] (and enable debug permission on your account)?

Thanks Chandan. Just sent the mail and enabled the debug permissions.

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