Airdrop is not showing up in taxable income

Hi Team, I received airdrop in 2021, and I marked the transaction as airdrop in my transaction list. But my airdrop is still not showing in taxable income. I wanted to check if there is anything more I can do that I missing for airdrop to be shown in my taxable income?

Thank you

Airdrops are marked as the value at the time you gained control. If the airdrop coins were never traded into another coin or fiat then there was no taxable event. If you received 1BTC worth $10,000 at the time received, and you waited and sold it for $8,000 then you would have a tax loss of -$2,000. I think this is why the Airdrop section of taxable income is blank if you simply hold airdrops. Extra editing is needed if you transfer wallets to make the sale.