Algo Support

Can you please support Algorand public addresses? The rate of new ASA’s is growing fast and it would be very helpful to track ASAs too.

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Hi @Zach,

We’ll work on adding this and let you know as soon as we have an update.

I’ve asked as well. :grinning:
I’m a huge Algorand fan.

I created something you can use while waiting though since I use Cointracker as well (although I used another package for screenshots - sorry Chandan :grinning:).
Cointracker’s CSV imports needs some improvement though (unique tags so the same file can be imported and duplication transactions are ignored).


Thanks! Will this work for Cointracking as well?

You mean cointracker? Yes. Cointracker and Koinly.

Last mention of adding ALGO was August 2020. Here it is mid February 2021 and nothing. Any progress?

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Thanks for the patience — you can stay up to date on this request here.

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April 2022. And you’re not giving us much choice regarding our patience.