"All time unrealized return": all of a sudden completely wrong

I’ve been using cointracker for a few months now on the free tier with the intention of paying for tax reports when needed.

To date it’s been OK - but overnight the reported “all time unrealized return” figures have become completely skewed to the downside. It makes no sense, because the number you arrive at by totalling per-coin unrealised returns is completely different to the graphed “market value + net proceeds” minus “net deposits”.

What am I not understanding correctly here? The numbers were broadly as expected (and consistent) until very recently.

To be honest this is a pretty disappointing turn of events - I’ve been trusting cointracker to accurately tally this stuff up, and if it doesn’t do so not only is it useless, but I’ve got a lot of work to do to migrate my transaction histories across to another platform. Hoping this is just a bug in some overnight process and it’s going to be fixed…


And I’ve just clicked through to the “see all assets” page, which requires a subscription - but the first two holdings are previewed there and they are showing the “correct” all time unrealised returns, completely different to those on the summary page.


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