All time Unrealized return issue

I visit cointracker frequently but one thing always bugs me: All time unrealized return. Maybe I’m missing something, but why are you showing me this? It’s non-sensical data.

What I would prefer to see is: at any moment, is my portfolio profitable or not, given all the previous transactions I have made.

For example, one coin I bought and then sold. Overall, I’m profitable, but the unrealized return still shows as down 90%. This is non-sensical data and doesn’t help me see reality correctly.

By the way, I’m a product manager/designer/founder. I’m building a startup that’s building a competitor app. My startup was born out of my frustrations in not being able to see this data. I would much rather join the CT team and help build.

See all my transactions in the screenshot here. I’m using poocoin for this.

Whipped up a little wireframe that represents what I, as an investor, would like to see.