AMPL Token Confuses CoinTracker

Ampleforth is an ERC-20 token where the number of coins in your wallet automatically changes (without any transactions happening).

Unfortunately this token appears to confuse CoinTracker. My transaction history has an error state now because I deposited 126 AMPL into a personal address then transferred that same full amount of AMPL to another personal address but the 126 had now automatically grown to 142.

This causes the error:
“This AMPL transfer results in a negative AMPL balance in ETH Wallet”

Which is not true, the AMPL transfer results in a 0 AMPL balance in the ETH wallet.

I am not sure how to get past this error so for now I marked all of my AMPL transactions as Ignore.

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Hi @squareboy,

We don’t yet support AMPL but we have noted this down so that we can improve our integration with them in the future. For now, as a short term workaround, you could add a manual transaction showing the receipt of 16 AMPL before you sent the full 142.