Any way to fully get rid of an unconfirmed transaction that's been superseded?

  • Transaction A gets to mempool, but with too low a fee. Sits in the mempool without being incorporated into a block for a couple of days. CoinTracker seems to pick this up from the mempool and incorporate it into my CoinTracker transaction log for the wallet.
  • Eventually I broadcast transaction B which spends the same inputs named in transaction A, but with a higher mining fee. This is included in the next block.
  • CoinTracker now shows both transactions, transaction A (which is now invalid, no longer in the mempool, link to “View Transaction” on CoinTracker leads to a blockchair page that says “Ooops! We could not find what you are looking for,” etc.), and transaction B which is now in the blockchain with days of confirmations atop it.

I can “Disable” transaction A – which hopefully(?) makes CoinTracker forget about it for the purposes of computing portfolio balances, tax preparation, etc. But it’s surprising to me that it remains in the list at all, given that the transaction is invalid and has no effect in the world. Since CoinTracker automatically detected this transaction in the mempool, it seems like CoinTracker is the only entity that can fully remove it(?). [I can “disable” but not “delete,” which perhaps makes sense for transactions in the blockchain, but ISTM that this doesn’t make sense for a bit of ephemera that came and went from the mempool…]

Thanks as always!

Thanks for flagging this. Your approach to ignoring the transaction is correct.

Nonetheless, do you mind sharing a screenshot of the issue with us directly so that we can take a look and see what is going on?

Screenshot uploaded. Thanks!

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