Api Okex no Funciona


La API de Okex no sincroniza los datos ¿se puede solucionar?


Hola @Motordandy,

Gracias por hacernos saber. Trabajaremos para arreglar la integración de la API de OKEx. Mientras tanto, si necesita una solución inmediata, aún puede cargar estas transacciones a través de la carga CSV.

OKEx should now be resolved.


I have tested the okex synchronization and it only imports balances but not transactions.

Can you fix it please?


Could you please contact us so we can take a look at what is going wrong in your CoinTracker account?

I’m getting the same issue.

I get balances but no Tx?

I have refreshed and manually synd wallets a few times, no change.
I have removed the API and added a new one, let CT settle, no different.
Can see there are two threads on same topic…

Dont know if you can merge them @Chandan?
And kindly let me know the solution.

Thanks for flagging — we’re tracking this issue here.

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