April 2021 Highlights

Hey CoinTrackers,

It’s been yet another record-setting month with bitcoin hitting an all time high of $60k and ether a high of $2k. The IRS has noticed and issued crypto tax subpoenas to Circle, Kraken, and Poloniex just this week. They have also extended the US tax deadline by one month to May 17, 2021. At CoinTracker, we announced a partnership with Wolters Kluwer — one of the largest tax professional software companies in the world. With a continued surge in support requests, we appreciate your ongoing patience as we grow our support team (we’re actively hiring!). Here’s the latest from our team:

Real-time pricing on mobile
Stay up to date on the go with real-time pricing for top coins on mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Uniswap liquidity pool token coverage
We have increased our coverage of liquidity pool tokens to 90% of all Uniswap transactions. You’ll automatically see price history and cost basis for these transactions without needing to take any action.

Share your portfolio diversity
You can now easily share your cryptocurrency portfolio with friends without revealing your actual account value using the Share button from the dashboard or performance page.

Other updates


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The CoinTracker Team

P.S. We’re hiring!

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Nice update @Chandan

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when will there be updates to binance smart chain reporting for p** coins? they don’t work on cointracker (cost base etc)

I’m fine if CoinTracker skips support for coins issues on the Binance Smart Chain. Maybe they already support some, but to me the Binance Smart Chain seems like the Outer Rim in Star Wars.

you may be fine with it but i’m not. this is a problem that needs to be solved. haveyou tried to do it manually @ap or do you not trade bsc coins?

I don’t have any coins that use the Binance Smart Chain.

so your comment with you being fine if they skip it… doesnt’ impact you whatsoever. thanks for the input i guess