Aragon (ANT) Migration

So Aragon (ANT) has undergone an upgrade to ANTv2 still ERC-20 but a distinct contract address (see Prior to the upgrade, my ETH wallet showed the positive balance in CoinTracker but not on Now, post upgrade, CoinTracker shows a zero balance while etherscan shows the positive balance of about $3 per ANT.


Also, under CoinTracker Transactions, I now see a transaction for the migration:

It just doesn’t recognize the value properly. And I did confirm that the prior transaction was entered properly in the right wallet:

Thanks for flagging @cacortes, we’ll work on updating our pointer to the ANTv2 contract and let you know once we’ve done that.

Could you please send us the ETH address where this is occurring?

Hi @cacortes,

ANT should now be tracked correctly for new and old tokens in local wallets.