Are fees included in the cost basis?

Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere but are fees included in the cost basis?

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I’ve seen numerous posts on this but don’t believe it was ever addressed

Debating whether to use cointracker this tax season but this just might be a showstopper for me given where gas fees were in 2021. Basically the only workaround is to manually for each transaction: 1) increase amount of outgoing ETH by the amount of fees 2) increase cost basis for the received asset by the amount of fees. If you have thousands of transactions that’s a many hrs exercise while it seems to be a super easy feature to implement (and essential for pretty much every filer).

Same question here. I believe gas fees should be included in the NFT cost basis.

I’m also noticing that when I sell an NFT, there is a fee being recorded in cointracker, but this is paid by the buyer - don’t know why it is showing up in the tracking.

LOL this has hilariously been a bug in the product for years