Assests not being updated

I recently made a purchase on coinbase. I noticed that the transaction is in cointracker and the coinbase wallet updated in cointracker; however, the “Your Assets” has not been updated. Can you look into this. Thank you.

Same here. Doge purchased on Jun 21, and transaction listed in Dashboard, but Assets show no Doge in Holdings or Cost Basis to date. Coinbase shows fine.

Seems like they resolved the issue. My asset list is now up to date.

What’s funny is right after I bought a different asset this morning, now my Doge is showing up finally everywhere. (But the new asset isn’t in the Your Assets or the Dashboard graph, but it is reflected in the popup window on the graph telling me my daily buys/values…) Maybe this is their way of making you buy more, so your previous purchase will display. LOL Two steps forward, one step back…

Curiouser and curiouser. I just edited one of my transactions to add a fee, then deleted the manual entry to wait to see if if the next few days it showed up on its own, and suddenly everything is all caught up, including this morning’s transaction. Maybe that’s one way to “force” an update of your records when they’re wonky? Whatever works, eh?