Assets at zero balance still part of portfolio

I have two tokens (so far) that I have completely sold still appearing. If you look at the BSCscan wallet, there is no token balance for them. Cointracker portfolio still lists the tokens, and their value.

The corresponding sale transactions are for some reason completely absent, so I added them manually. This does not zero the balance of tokens, or remove them.

So two problems:

  1. tokens no longer present in the wallet are still shown with positive balance and value, which doesn’t match BSCscan.
  2. manual transactions of the sales are not accounted for, there is no method to remove them.

First, I would expect the portfolio behavior to be to match the wallet balances to the portfolio, not rely on transaction history. Then if a balance were missing or incorrect, I could add them.

Second, there should be a method to edit token balances directly, add/remove tokens, as in adding manual transactions should be accounted for to achieve this goal.

This makes my portfolio summary inaccurate, irreconcilable, useless… apparently permanently until I remove the entire wallet.