Assets not showing correct balances and doubled BTC transactions


I am having a weird bug where I have a very significant amount of crypto holdings in my wallets, but for some reason, my assets only show about $1000 worth of holdings. (Which is extremely inaccurate. It actually says I have $0 in BTC holdings. I have over $20K in BTC alone.)

I’m not really sure what’s going on here. I did mark a bunch of things as transfers - not sure if that would affect anything? (Though I don’t know why it would? Assets should technically be whatever is in the wallets, right?)

Additionally, there is another odd situation where if Wallet A sent BTC to Wallet B, two separate BTC transactions show up instead of just one transaction. It also doesn’t recognize the sender or recipient. (I think this leads to transactions being double counted? Not entirely sure what to do about this.)

Example for the above issue:
Wallet A sends 0.5 BTC to Wallet B. There are 0.01BTC in fees.
Wallet B receives 0.49 BTC.

In Coin Tracker, it shows:
Transfer Wallet A 0.5 BTC -> Unknown 0.5 BTC
Transfer Unkown 0.49 BTC -> Wallet B 0.49BTC

Neither of the transactions, when manually edited, seem to have any fees.

Hi, could you please do the following:

  • Undo all your manual edits
  • Remove any wallets/exchanges that aren’t yours from the wallets page
  • Remove any BTC wallets that aren’t HD addresses from the wallets page
  • Ensure that 100% of your exchanges and off-exchange wallets are added (HD addresses for BTC)

Once the cost basis is done recomputing and the transfer matching is done, if you are still seeing any issues, please contact us directly with a screenshot of the issue.