ATM - I'm Millionaire Overnight!

My portfolio went to over a million dollars overnight. But I never traded anything and been holding the same coin ATM at HitBTC which value is only 0.003c and only a few hundred dollars totals in the wallet!

I see a coin named ATM in HitBTC exchange but you can no longer trade it and a coin named ATM in Binance exchange in the Binance wallet it says the wallet for ATM is CHZ wallet.

What is the coins official name in HitBTC there is one at Binance called Atletico De Madrid Fan Token, symbol ATM is this the same one? Because cointracker is bringing in data that is a price of around $14 currently for one I think they are bringing in the data for Atletico De Madrid Fan Token and calculating that for cointracker my portfolio?? The only chart I can find is ATM in tradingview and it’s called Atletico De Madrid Fan Token.

Has anything happened recently to ATM, an airdrop or something because the icon in cointracker is different and showing a different value?? Anyone else notice this? Can we withdraw to the Binance Wallet ATM from HitBTC, think it says it Chiliz Chain (CHZ) Address or BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain)?? Bit confusing but one thing I can say is I’m getting a hugely inflated portfolio valuation that I think there is something calculating incorrectly in the cointracker.

The amount of coins I hold in a wallet at HitBTC and the price of ATM at Binance is what the calculation does but it only shows a few hundred dollars value in HitBTC ATM wallet not hundreds of thousands of dollars that coin tracker it calculating my wallet too. I don’t mind being a millionaire over night but I think the software is making a gross error.

Thanks for your time regards,

Not busy all year surely. This is still not looked at. Though it’s only a million dollars let’s not even consider it. Too bad if I wanted to sell cause the value has gone down now 5 fold.

I saw the error mix up has been fixed. Thank you,

Millionaire Path

  1. On a piece of paper, write your target net worth in five and ten years. Important- Minimum seven figures
  2. Systematically buy and hodl BTC off exchange. Don’t worry about amount, just never NEVER fail.
  3. Diamond hands: Don’t trade, don’t sell.
  4. You do you ie. work your passion = maximized income.
  5. Spend only to survive.
  6. Don’t ghost: Don’t brag your bag
  7. Return to number 1.