August 2021 Highlights

Hey CoinTrackers,

August is not disappointing with bitcoin surging past $40k again and now settled at $38k. Meanwhile the US Senate has been drafting a major update on tax reporting requirements for cryptocurrency. Here’s the latest from our team at CoinTracker:

New integrations
New month, new integrations. CoinTracker now connects with Binance Futures, Coinlist, and Polygon (MATIC). Connect your accounts/wallets today from the add wallets page:

Infinite scroll on mobile transactions
We’ve updated the mobile transactions page to show an unlimited number of transactions … just keep scrolling:

Other updates

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The CoinTracker Team

P.S. We’re hiring!

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I left a review on the Play Store :recycle: Looking forward to a future monthly release that includes CoinTracker support for the Cardano Wallet ID and support for Helium token.

Keep up the great work :clap:

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+1 for Helium. Also looking for (app) - looks like Exchange and Wallet are supported, but not the app.


Hoping for Avalanche and KCC support!

I’m also VERY interested in getting support for the app in CoinTracker. I don’t like the app at all, but I’ve made some transactions using it. Would love to directly connect it to CoinTracker.