Automagic decimal places?

Hello there,

Feature request: coins like FXC have a ludicrously low dollar value - it’s currently trading at 1 FXC to 0.00000035 BTC. Is there any chance the UI could detect these tiny rates and intelligently present the value either with more decimal places, or in scientific format perhaps? Depressing to see the coin’s dollar price has gone up 35% from $0.00 to $0.00, even if I can see the value of my holding has gone up in real terms :).



Hi @robr,

Thanks for the feedback — we’ll work on adding more decimal places here

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Note that this is covered here and includes a formula: Use significant digits on dashboard

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Also agree on the need for support for more digits. I’ve noticed issues with both usd and crypto’s not counting all possible digits. There needs to be support for 18 digits to be completely accurate.

On the performance tab, if your average cost is less than .01, it displays “Oops, this doesn’t look right.” A way to dismiss that message and display the correct average cost would help.

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Thanks for letting us know @Radavan. We are unlikely to support 18 decimal places for the time being for usability reasons, but your points are valid and we will both work on improving the performance page message and increasing the number of digits displayed.