Automatic checks for wallet txs and balances?

Hi, are checks performed for whether transactions going in and out a wallet add up to the wallet balance as pulled from the blockchain?

I’ve checked one wallet and there was a slight discrepancy (have emailed support too). Also seems a bit suspicious that there is nothing flagged for all wallet balances pulled from the blockchain, when there are other “needs review” items fore e.g. when wallet balances go negative.

Hey Hamish,

We do check to ensure that transactions match up to the blockchain (we’ll circle back on your ticket in support as well).

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Ok, I’ve noticed that wallets have a little circled “i” in the corner on transactions, where a hover-over shows remaining balance, and this only seems to be there for most the most recent transactions if the balance is not accurate relative to that shown in the wallets screen. There aren’t always corresponding “needs review” flags for transactions though.

We’ve added a feature now that shows the remaining balance after each transaction on the transactions page. We are also working on building out a more robust error reconciliation wizard that will give you much deeper insight and simpler resolution for transactions that could be out of line, missing, or erroneous.