AVAX price showing $47.75 when real price is $62.28

What it says in the title. Coin prices are not updating resulting in the overall portfolio values being out of whack. In particular for AVAX the displayed price is >20% less than the true current market price.


Do you have over 5 wallets and do not have a subscription? Sometime in the last 2-3 days, it stopped calculating and looks like they added a 5 wallet max for the free subscription. I think this froze most of the dashboard as well. BTC and ETH are the only ones I’m seeing get updated.

I do have more than 5 wallets, but I also have a subscription.

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I have the same issue and I’m on the pro subscription. And there’s no way to get a hold of support. This is ridiculous

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Also on portfolio sub and within my wallet #. Live price feed is fubar for some assets. Get this fixed @Cointracker.io .

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Price is frozen on a whole slew of coins… Very annoying.


Having the same issue. Also with my ALGO it has been stuck at $1.96. Would love to hear back on when this will be fixed otherwise I’ll have to discontinue account. I use this tracker to help me pull profits and this sort of bug is extreme inconvenience to that process.

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ALGO, AVAX, VET, ONE, EGLD, FIL, and likely several others haven’t been updating for approx 12 hours. Coincidentally these coins are popping.

It helps to have multiple services to measure your balances… LiveCoinWatch.com works well, but entering and updating quantities by coin can be painful. It would be nice if CoinTracker had an API or integration to a partner solution for situations like this.

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Same. Paid account and prices and portfolio not updating. @Chandan what’s going on!?!?


Same here.
I guess I need to find a new portfolio…

Obviously, with the non-response from the support channels, they don’t care about our issues. I now have to find another portfolio…and I have the ‘paid account’. Sad.

I have the same issue as well with other coins where the prices are frozen since Friday like SOL and ATOM.

I am paying for their portfolio tracking service as well so this makes me question should I still stick with Cointracker!

Also, I read some other threads (Crypto prices in GBP are too high | Integrations | CoinTracker) that their pricing source is https://nomics.com/ and I can confirm that Nomics’ quoted price (close to exchanges) differs from what Cointracker shows.

All working now. :+1: