BAL / WETH Balancer Pool

Hey there,

I am hoping for some help to reconcile a Balancer Pool transaction for tax reporting.

We converted 2.5 ETH into 2.5 WETH to add liquidity to a Balancer 80% BAL + 20% WETH pool.

For some reason, the system is not picking up the 2.5 ETH to 2.5 WETH transfer and is instead recognising the WETH with a zero cost basis and therefore a large capital gain.

Here is how the transactions looks:

Here is a second example with a similar issue, again the ETH -> WETH trade not being recognised properly and so the WETH cost base being set at zero leading to a large capital gain.

What steps should we take to manually fix the issue?

Thanks so much!


Hi @mtbullerlabs,

We’re working on auto-detecting the wrapping and unwrapping events. In the meantime, you can edit the ETH send transactions to show them as conversions to WETH as a stop-gap solution.

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