Balance error

I made a purchase on 9/7/20 of 1.01 + btc that is reflected in transactions. However, this did not increase my balance on cointracker (4 + btc) while on my linked coinbase account it is reflected (5 + btc)-how do I reconcile this?

Hi @jimbo,

Could you please send a screenshot of the issue to feedback [at] Also, please enable permission for us to take a look at your CoinTracker account (from settings).

I do not know how to take a scrren shot on my home computer, only on my iphone. I have given you permission to look at my account and if you go to Wallets you will see that I have Coinbase linked and the amount of bitcoin is about $ 10K more than is reflected in my Cointracker. Please can you help. Thanks.

I tried to send via my iphone. Pleas help me reconcile this. Thanks,

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An iPhone photo is also fine. As soon as we get that from you, we’ll take a look and circle back.

Problem resolved itself after I purchased more btc from coinbase…thanks

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