Balance not accurate


I was able to connect CoinTracker to Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. I was also able to import my CSV file from BlockFi. The imported BlockFi file didn’t capture the trades made on BlockFi, so I entered those manually to balance the wallet.

The overall balance between Coinbase and BlockFi is off by a few bitcoin. Is there an easy way to see which mapping might be off?

Quick update - I was able to get this pretty close to accurate. The CSV appeared to have imported a few duplicates. I removed those and made sure the from wallet was the exchange and the to wallet was BlockFi. I’m still a few satoshis off but that’s probably fees that I haven’t accounted for yet buried in the transactions.

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Thanks for the update @Niko — I’m glad to hear that you got this mostly resolved. If you are still seeing issues, please drop us a line directly.