Balance Reconciliation

I wrote a little earlier. My Coinbase account is linked to Cointracker and the bitcoin balances do not match with Cointracker having the incorrect balance equivalent to $ 10, 000 + less than is noted on coinbase which has correct balance. When i go to Wallets on Cointracker, the correct Coinbase bitcoin amount is noted, However, this is not reflected on my Cointracker portfolio balance for bitcoin. Can anyone tell me how to reconcile this?


Hi @jimbo,

Just responded to your other message. Once you send us that information, we’ll be happy to take a look for you.

you already have permission in settings. Cointracket bitcoin amount is $45 K + while on Coinbase linked to Cointracker the balance is 55+. Thanks.

Thank you for enabling the debug permission in settings. Could you please send us a note at feedback [at] with the screenshot of this issue? Thank you

Hi Chandan-I sent these screenshots last nght from my iphone-the first was from coinbase showing my BTC balance and the other from cointracker showing my BTC balance. Cointracker has the lower balance of the BTC… On cointrachker when you go to wallets, this will confirm my coinbase balance-coinbase is linked to cointracker.


Thanks @jimbo, we’ll take a look and circle back with you

Same problem occurred again-my BTC purchase on my linked Coinbase account on Sept 18th is not reflected in my Cointracker porffolio-it is noted in Cointracker transaction as well as my Coinbase account. There seems to be a problem with integration so this transaction is accurately reflected. I hope you can help resolve. Thanks.

Hi @jimbo,

Circled back with you on your support ticket, but it should all be synced there now. If you are still seeing any issues, please feel free to respond to the support ticket.

Cointracker portfolio is short the 9/18/20 transaction I made on coinbase-this still is not being reflected in cointracker portfolio-the bitcoin does not reflect the 9/20 coinbase transaction…

Bitcoin in Cointracker should reflect 4.30 + BTC and not 3.28+ which is noted now. Cointracker never added the 9/18 coinbase transaction to Cointracker bitcoin and portfolio. You have per settings permission to look and fix any bug-just look at my coinbase wallet vs. my cointracker portfolio…

Hi @jimbo,

We’ll take a look at the ticket you created and circle back with you there

Problem colectes-thanks

Hi @jimbo what do you mean by this?

Hi Chandon-The problem I had has been resolved and after my most recent BTC buy the problem did not occur…thanks.

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