Balancing Maker Vault liquidations


I had a Maker Vault that was totally liquidated in the March 2020 crash. Problem I’m having is that I’m unable to get CoinTracker to recognise the liquidation and hence my total portfolio is overstated by the amount of ETH that was present in the Vault.

:cricket: Bug: The ETH wallet that interacted with the Vault is added to CoinTracker. In DeFi centre I can see the Vault, but it does not recognise the liquidation. It still shows the Vault as having assets and positive collateral locked (I wish… it should be 0 :frowning:)

I understand the DeFi centre is in beta, but trying to file my UK taxes here so I’m looking for a workaround. What I’ve tried:

  • Adding a manual “Send” transaction that marks the amount of Ether that was in the Vault as a margin loss. This doesn’t change the amount of Ether in my holdings
  • Also tried marking it as a loss, but even that did not affect my total position size.

Like a lot of people I am on the Premium tax plan, have submitted a support ticket, but no feedback yet.


Thanks for your patience on this — we’ll circle back to you on your support issue.

I have the exact same issue.

@Chandan any updates on detecting when a vault closes? I don’t see the close in my transactions. I would think that this should be loss, I’m not looking for tax advice on that but I think it would at least be appropriate to show a transaction for losing the amount since it looks like the deposit just looks like a transaction. Also my vaults in the DeFi Center still show that they have a balance but they don’t.

I’m not able to pick the $79 tax plan and I’m being forced into the $279 plan because I have DeFi transactions but most of my vaults got closed so it would suck to pay an extra $200 but Cointracker isn’t even handling my DeFi case properly.

@Chandan any updates on detecting vaults closing?

I also have an issue with this.