Balancing Multi Tokens

I’ve got a simple Tx that I’m trying to get clear on.
I’ve been slowly working through, convert my CUSTOM-TGBP into TRUST-TGBP.
The switching over seems pretty straight forward
(although a bulk/mass convert from CUSTOM-TGBP to TRUSTGBP would be great).
In my history I saw a TRANSFER but it was marked as SEND/RECEIVE over two lines.
So I…

  1. Converted the SEND into a TRANSFER
  2. Edited the newly created TRANSFER line to reflect its correct receiving wallet (instead of it auto going to “other transactions”
    This is what I get…

    I never used to get this “multi token” thing.
    I read up on it and its to group complex Tx using more than one token.
    Which is neat for Defi, but this is a simple:
    COIN A of Wallet A to to COIN A of Wallet B.

So I went to IGNORE the top coin from line 2
and I get this…

It voids the whole thing.
So I’m confused how I merge these together or do whats needs for it to be a single Tx?

Ive waited till CT finishes re-calcing everything, but it remains.

When I go in to edit the top Tx from line to:

It shows the SENDING wallet and amount correctly?

But in the Tx list, its on two lines and looks like a dupe?

Any insights into it?



Hi @LeadGr8,

We’re working on a full update for this, but in the meantime could you please re-enable the top transaction row? That should solve this for now.

Yes that’s how I’ve done it for now. and it seems to look like it balances. Will await better narrative. Thanks.

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​This should be resolved now. If you are still seeing any issues here please let us know.

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Refreshed and I can confirm I have a nice single Tx now…


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