Bep20 Smart Contract trouble

I bought into a couple things today and one resolves fine in cointracker after adding the wallet and the othter two imported but says it cant figure out a value or whatever…

  1. I bought BNB
  2. Converted BNB into “Smart Chain” BNB 1:1 in the Trust Wallet
  3. Use it to buy/contract(?):
  • SAFEMOON - this imported fine into cointracker and resolves
  • SAFEGALAXY - this imported fine but says it “Could not determine the value of this transaction.” and shows a ? for the icon. This coin is only 1 week old, so maybe that’s it and,
    -SXP (Swipe on bep20) - same as SAFEGALAXY with import and message but it’s not brand new.

SO, is there something I should know about how to report bep20 stuff? If none of them were able to resolve I’d just leave it all as one BNB entry with original dollar value but, safemoon resolved and I do like all my assets being shown in portfolio and the dollar amount being correct…

Any ideas?


Just want to bump this since I think I’m experiencing the same issue, also with a very new BEP20 token (BINGUS). At time of writing BINGUS is about a week old, maybe a little more.

  1. Bought BNB on Binance.US
  2. Transferred BNB to Binance Chain chrome extension wallet
  3. Transferred BNB to Binance Smart Chain chrome extension wallet
  4. Transferred BNB to MetaMask BSC
  5. Traded BNB → BINGUS on PancakeSwap
  6. Traded BINGUS → BNB on PancakeSwap
    …then steps 1-4 in reverse.

Cointracker seems to handle steps 1-4 just fine, but gets confused on steps 5 and 6.


I am going to bump this as well since I am seeing some odd stuff with BEP20 as well.

I have coins in LPs on pancakeswap but am using another contract for yield optimization (beefy finance) and cointracker sees the Moo LP tokens but it doesn’t seem to be seeing the reinvestments in the underlying tokens that yieldwatch shows so it isn’t correctly seeing my gains. Maybe this would materialize when I remove my liquidity but I think the gains are income so they need to be handled differently

One thing I noticed is I have a hard time tagging transactions and stuff. A lot of transactions are e.g. for liquidity in PancakeSwap, it looks like a “trade” of 0 BNB for my CAKE-LP tokens and my CAKE rewards.

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TLOS isn’t reporting back . “unable to determine value…” Please add bep20 TLOS.