Best practice for updating BlockFi balance?

Can someone please confirm. If I want to update recent transactions from BlockFi. Is it easiest to just delete the entire existing blockfi wallet and re-upload a new CSV with “all transactions?”


I have the same question except with I have not found the answer yet though.

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Super easy,

For any new transaction, just go over to wallets, then find the blockfi account and upload anything new through the csv process that it walks you through. It would be nice if there was an API integrated to help with anything new. But as of now, it’s manual and takes less than 60 seconds.

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So basically, you are uploading a new CSV to CoinTracker with every new transaction.


Since the start of the year I’ve been manually entering them however I’m only looking at 4 transactions a month. CSV has been helpful to double-check against monthly.

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I noticed when I imported last month I had two transaction. I just did a fresh import and I see it imported 5 transactions and I had two blockfi wallets. So it looks like each time you import the .csv you will get all your transactions in a new wallet. So I just delete the old wallet and keep the one with all the new transactions. Anyone doing the same?

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@Jm2, as Chandan advises in the Feedback > BlockFi post, it’s recommended to edit the CSV as to only import new transactions to avoid conflicts with the previous transactions.