Beware - Cointracker is a Scam!

I registered for the 30 day trial for their tax plan. After seeing the reports did not calculate capital gains correctly, I sent an email to support and posted a ticket here. No response. I posted another ticket and sent second email a few days later.

After a week of no response, I sent a cancellation email to the email they said to send to. No response. No refund either. I fought it with my credit card and finally CoinTracker came to life - sending a ton of documents arguing why I shouldn’t get my money back. So this is where they are using their support team (grrrr!).

The argument they made is buried in their TOS it requires a RESPONSE From Cointracker to acknowledge your cancellation. AKA if they choose to ignore you, they keep your funds.

This business is highly unethical and I recommend running far far away from these scam artists!


Which tax plan was it? I’m just cause curious only the $299 premium and above plans state they provide email support.

I’m gonna probably grab that package sooner than later, but I’m curious if they will actually start answering my emails once I’m paid up for the year again. This will be my 3rd tax year paying them a few stacks for Premium Tier to file my taxes.

Last I heard them answer a support request from me was May, I did send a request or two a few months back I believe but I never heard back.