Binance API - Does Not Pull Fee's Into Transaction

Hey guys,

Couldnt find an existing thread on this.
But it is similar to

THE PROBLEM (as far as I can see)
I think there are inconsistencies with API AND IMPORT and how fee’s are calculated AND displayed

Im updating last months Tx and realised that the Binance API’s is not pulling in fee’s?

I had an XTZ Tx that had a 0.5 XTZ fee.
It was not included, so I manually added it (lines 1 and 2 from the image)

Same for the VET (line 3),
Where 333 VET was sent minus 100 VET fee.
But CT only shows 233 sent.

I look back and now see this a lot and can see it for all future Tx.

    • Amount shown is NET of fees
    • and there is NO fee shown


I can see that does the opposite…

These three Tx are the total sent (ie the figures gross and contain the fee)
But when I go into the Tx, there is no fee.

    • Amount shown is GROSS of fee
    • and no fee is shown

And I’ve noticed that KRAKEN does it a third different way…

With Kraken the API displays the Tx as

    • Amount shown is NET of fee’s
    • and the fee IS shown in the Tx.

And to link this back to the other help topic that is open here,
Which is a manual import using CT’s generic CSV template where its recorded three Tx with fee’s each differently.

Something definitely seems fishy or is just inconsistent in how it’s working with fee’s.

I hope this is enough info to help someone delve into it.

Help appreciated on this, thanks.

Good observations; we are planning a future project to standardize all of these and we’ll let you know once we have done that.

OK cool, for now i dont mind the difference. but im sure for heavy day traders, it makes a big difference.
happy you can see it now too.
await this one being complete.

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Yes I am very confused on how to actually import my fee information between the different exchanges. Especially since even when I input the fee amount it is not deducted from my ledger balance. Do I need to create a separate entry with the fee as a sent transaction, or is this going to be fixed soon, as taxes have to be done soon. Also, with buy trades, I notice the fee is not added to the cost basis even when adding the fee info. I believe this is opposite from other platforms I have seen. Am I entering this wrong. For instance buying if buying 1 btc for 10,000 and a $10 fee the cost basis only shows $10,000 instead of $10,010 even if the $10 fee is input.

I think there is a whole ticket open for the reviewing of how fees are calculated. As they seem to be different for different exchanges.

@chandon how is that coming on?


Here is my relevant post wrt fees from Coinbase Pro sync:

Yes it looks like my fees are not being included in the totals and with fees being so high, this leads to a significant discrepancy over time. Is there an update on this @Chandan or a summary thread?

Hey LeadGR8,
Figure i’d try and ask you this question, since support is currenctly not able to awnser.
I’ve noticed exactly the same issue. Some exchanges list transfers net of fees other gross.
I’m new to this and i’m trying to understand what impact this might have on my reporting?
If my binance transfer list net of fees as sent amount instead of gross of fees, does this perhaps mess up the balance of my binance account? Or am I looking at this in wrong way.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Hey @beuken

Right now CoinTracker are going through massive growth and doing a huge recruitment drive. I know it’s a pain, but they are doing all they can. I am many others are trying to supprt as community members. Your patience is appreciated, as hard as it can feel.

In reply, and from my experience, I seen little difference. How can I tell? I periodically check coin balance of exchanges and coins on exchanges. Across 20 exchanges and even more coins Over 5 years of crypto history its a tiny difference (for me) and barely effects my reporting.

However. I’m not a trader. If I was I can imagine the impact would be more. I’m also ok with a small discrepancy. Because where coin tracker needs improvement, it is still worlds better than any other tracking AND tax software I’ve seen (and I trialled a lot)

So it suppose it’s down to what you’re happy with. If it’s good enough for what you need. All these tracking softwares are quite to the scene. And all are growing fast due to crypto uptake. So even if I didn’t use CoinTracker, I can’t see how another will have a fully complete product esp at the rate crypto/defi is changing.

I know this isn’t a fixed/final answer. But I do Hope this helps somewhat. And I hope even with the differences in how fees are charged it can still work for you.

CoinTracker are on with fixing this so it’s right across the board.


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I also noticed manual csv uploads for margin transactions that are marked margin are not calculating the profit/loss and or fee. It seems they are only factoring and calculating the sent/received entries not the profit loss and fees. So the totals are completely wrong .