Binance 'Basic Trade' transactions not syncing


I have my Binance account linked up to CoinTracker. So far the deposits, withdrawals and trades have been showing up.

However, last week when using Binance I opted to use the ‘Basic’ Trade function for the first time. I made two trades - but neither of these have linked up to CoinTracker.

I looked in the trade history on Binance and could not see them, but have just found them in the ‘Buy Crypto History’ area.

I’m not sure of the best way of getting these trades to register in CoinTracker?

I noticed another thread about missing transactions in the Binance sync, but that did not address the same issue. I’m in the UK, if that helps.

Thank you

Hi @LP,

Could you please send us a screenshot of the issue (what you see on CoinTracker vs. Binance) to Contact Us?

Thanks for your reply Chandan, I have contacted you via the form.

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