Binance BETH

I am staking ETH2.0 on Binance, got BETH tokens for that in return (1:1). They are in my Spot Wallet on binance, but not shown in Cointracker.

Is that a known bug?


Also, my general portfolio value on binance differs from what cointracker shows. Did I forget to enable something?

We’re tracking feature requests for BETH and ETH2.0. WE’ll let you know once those become available.

Wasn’t that already introduced in the meantime? I can see my BETH now.

Edit: Binance Earn values do not show up yet. Only Spot. :slight_smile: So WIP…

thank you

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Hello - I also see that Binance earn does not show up in Cointracker.
Is this being worked on? Any advice for what to do?
Thank you