Binance Convert History not Importing


I noticed a bunch of "No purchase history for XXX’ entries in Cointracker. Digging into it, it seems CoinTracker doesnt sync when I convert between coins or currencies, so when I convert to, say, AUD, then to USDT, then purchase a coin using USDT, cointracker takes the whole purchase as a gain as it has no idea where the USDT came from. It came from me converting. Is this going to be fixed?

If it helps, I can tell you exactly what the problem is after finally fixing it myself via manual imports.

Your tool is not importing these two sections:

Buy Crypto History
Convert History.


These two need to be imported or the function is useless.

I just started using CoinTracker - I seem to be having the same issue with Binance. I transferred in some ETH, and converted it to USDT (in Binance) to trade a USDT/token pair. My trades are showing up in CoinTracker but not the ETH->USDT conversions. Thus, it is warning me on my USDT transactions page) that there aren’t any.

Thanks for flagging; we are tracking updates for: