Binance cross margin, isolated margin, and futures

I’m confused about Binance margin and futures. Few questions:
1- To enable margin, do I have to delete my Binance wallet beforehand? Or create a second Wallet for cross margin? And a third one for isolated margin? And a fourth one for Futures (eventually…)?
2- Should I use the same API key for all wallets?
3- Which Binance API permission do I need to check? “Enable Margin” and “Enable Futures” option…?
4- As Futures is not live, how to create a transaction for a “short” position in CoinTracker? In which wallet?
Thank you for support.

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I have the same issue. I’ve already added my Binance account and it says “Please add your Binance Isolated Margin account to accurately calculate your portfolio and taxes.” but the instructions on the linked page are identical to those for adding a normal Binance account! No mention of isolated margin. Do I need to check the “Enable Margin” button on the API (which would in theory allow it to margin trade on my account…)?