Binance Cross Margin support!

Hello CoinTracker,

Thank you so much for the Binance Cross Margin support!

Now, a question how to handle it for people who already had imported it all manually via *.csv before CoinTracker was able to support Margin.

After I import the Cross Margin via the API:

  • What should I do with my manual imported account for the Margin Binance account (CSV) - which still contains my isolated margin trades?
  • What should I do with the self-transfers transactions I created between the Binance wallet and the imported Margin wallet (CSV) (whenever I moved coins back and forth between spot and margin)?

Thank you!

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In my particular case, I don’t have a ton of Isolated Margin in 2020, so I decided to delete my previous manual CSV Binance margin account completely and reimport only the isolated margin + add the Spot → Iso Margin and Iso Margin → Spot transfers manually. For the Cross Margin, I am leaving it all to the API.

That might not be possible for everyone, not worth restarting from scratch if you have a lot of activity…

How can you add this import facility in Cointracker? Do you create the Binance cross margin wallet in Cointracker and just add the regular Binance API to this? Or is there another API available, specifically for the cross margin wallet? And what about the isolated margin wallet, can this be connected as well? My apologies for these maybe for some stupid questions :slight_smile: