Binance Lite transactions not showing?

I’ve mostly been using Binance Lite to buy/sell/convert but haven’t ventured into advanced trading just yet.

I’ve been testing out some Cointrackers and I noticed that this particular one doesn’t detect any of my transactions from Binance Lite. It brings in the current portfolio balances but no transactions.

I’ve tried adding just the individual wallets rather than the whole platform but it literally says it can’t be added because it’s had no transactions.

Then whenever I try to manually add the transactions, it just adds those amounts on top of the portfolio balance the API brought in, so I end up with an incorrect portfolio balance double the size of what it should be.

I can see this has been reported before but I was wondering if there is a way around this?

This kind of stuff is hassle enough as it is without wrestling with what is meant to be a solution haha