Binance margin wallet not syncing

My Binance margin wallet is not syncing, the spot wallet is fine.

Hi @djr894ial329w,

Thank you for reporting. We don’t yet support margin on Binance but we are working on adding it. We’ll let you know as soon as it is available.

Hi, I’m interested about this as well. Have you got some ETA already?

Hi @smejk21,

We don’t have an exact ETA yet but we are going to add this and we’ll let you know as soon as it is ready

Thank you for update.

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I’ve paid for the Premium crypto tax account because it mentions support for margin trading. Binance is one of the most popular exchanges but it looks like margin wallets / trading on Binance is not supported in Cointracker.

The least you could do is to clarify that on your pricing page somehow. We support feature XYZ on exchanges ABC… Instead of making it look like you can do it on any exchange.

I’ve also submitted two support tickets from my account, but I’ve been told you’re overwhelmed since the holidays and no responses to my tickets has arrived yet (around 2 weeks since I’ve submitted those). Which is why I’m commenting here.

Good luck with your app, it looks promising.

That’s totally fair feedback; thank you for sending this over. We’ll take a look at the issues you’ve sent over and also work on adding Binance derivates support.

Thanks for the reply!

To be honest, after spending some more time researching this topic, it looks like the Binance API is quite bad when it comes to using it for tax purposes… Transaction reports from some of their features seem to be only available via CSV file exports and even getting those isn’t straightforward in some cases. For example Isolated Margin trades are only available via a general transaction export which takes several hours to generate and can be done only 3 times a month per user.

The rest of the popular exchanges seem to be providing a much better service when it comes to collecting data for tax purposes.

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