Binance Smart Chain Issues (Coin Lookups, costbasis, resets)

I’v having several issues with Binance Smart Chain transactions.

1.) Many pegged assets fail to look up and show as ? DAI , I have to manual change these to DAI.
2.) Cointracker is failing to look up the cost basis for venus coins like vDAI, despite recognizing it as a valid bep-20 coin. This is causing significant capital gains events for me. For example. I moved 73,000 DAI from my wallet into venus. This was represented by giving me 3,631,624.66137945 vDAI. However, according to cointracker VDAI has a costbasis of 0, no matter how much you own. I have to manually lookup the price on that day, do the math, and update the costbasis. Sometime I don’t even have the option to edit the costbasis. Im not sure if its due to the calculations currently running.
3.) I spent about 12 hours last week tagging ~2000 transactions all the bep-20 coins to their equivalent erc-20 coin for accurate price determination. However, after doing a wallet sync again later that day, many of the bep-20s reverted to unknown coins again.

I would like an update on cointrackers BSC integration, am I the only one having issues with this? Is this a known problem? Are there anyways to automate this more? Like for all unknown coins with a ticker of ETH on a BSC wallet, tag them with the ERC-20 ETH and so on.

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when will these issues be fixed?

FWIW, i switched over to accointing for the time being and it does not have this issue

oh wow thank you will try it out. i’ve tried 5 or so of the main coin trackers and none of them support defi properly for p**coins.

so @danbryan80 accointing auto tracks your bsc token purchase gains properly ? cost base, profit etc even for non exchange listed tokens?